Apron Strings Chalk Paint


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Apron strings colour is in my minds eye, as an old fashioned calico apron, perfect for that cottage kitchen, or really any room in the house, soft, warm and infinately welcoming.

Fox & Bear have their very own unique chalk paint recipe. Our Chalk Paint is of the highest quality, we ensure that it has a high chalk content yet is more water resistant than similar products on the market, meaning that it is more durable for day to day use.
(obviously care must still be taken as with any other piece of treasured furniture to keep it looking its
best !)

Furniture painting made easy.

No priming or sanding required

You can use Fox & Bears Liquid Chalk on virtually any surface including Metal, wood, plastic, glass, brick, concrete & fabric, Indoors & Outdoors.
It also works over other paints and waxes.
 2 coats of paint and then sand to achieve the desired finish then add a coat of lacquer (pearlised or clear matt) to seal & protect.
(high traffic areas such as a dining table two coats of lacquer recommended.)

500 mls
Coverage approx 7 sqm

Keep out of reach of children

For more detailed technical information please email us anneliesebates@btconnect.com


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